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Behind the Smoke Screen

I invite you… no urge you, to read Michelle Malkin’s blog today, Look Beyond the Bogus Bonus Smokescreen.

Americans have to stand up and do something, and blogging is all I can contribute because I have no idea how ONE person can make a difference. We’re not being just robbed, but raped of our dignity and treated like mushrooms, kept in a dark closet and fed manure to sustain us. Like the gays…it’s time to come out of the closet, people! What has happened to intelligence in our country. Only a few in the government seem not to have lost theirs.

Just when I get over the shock and anger of yesterday’s news, I’m slapped in the face again. I watched a Fox News anchor interview an American author of Iranian descent last night about her views on President Obama’s speech to the Iranian people. Speaking as someone very much in the know about the people and culture, she pointed out our president accomplished absolutely nothing in making headway toward peace, rather lost any shred of respect and gave more credence to the plan of the crazed leader of the Iranian people. Ahmadinejad feels he is the ‘one’ to usher in the coming of their messiah, but some sort of Holocaust must occur beforehand. Why else would Iran be gathering materials for a nuclear weapon?

Here’s a statement from him, made last June…and now they are so much closer to making this happen. Are you going to sit back and watch? Evidently, since President Obama sees fit to disassociate the US with a nation who has been our ally for over 50 years.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad predicted on Monday that Muslims would uproot “satanic powers” and repeated his controversial belief that Israel will soon disappear, the Mehr news agency reported.

To me, our new administration is all about finger-pointing and problem MAKING rather than solving. I’d be afraid to walk through congress for fear of being poked in the eye. The truth is… they are ALL at fault. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a bill requires signatures for approval, and if someone signed the bill without knowing what they signed, then they are just as guilty as Tim Geithner, although he should never have been appointed. Who can’t remember to pay their taxes when the television is filled with constant ads about filing deadlines and “having people?”

Honestly, I had great faith in our new president, but every day it waned. That’s actually an understatement…it really bottomed-out. How can someone who just signed a bill with 8500 earmarks stand before the American public and speak about banishing wasteful spending? Does he even hear himself or is he too busy following a teleprompter? Pinocchio’s nose grew when he told lies, and I’m starting to notice Obama’s lips become more blue-tinged the more he talks. Do you think it’s a sign?

How dare me consider I had a original thought here. I decided to Google “Blue Lips” and found a whole lot of discussion about the pigmentation of Obama’s lips. Check it out yourself and you’ll see what I mean. His lip coloring could be a medical condition, but the majority feel it’s not, at least nothing serious and that’s a good thing. But…whatever it is, it seems to be affected by telling untruths.


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