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Setting priorities

It’s hard in a world filled with distractions to move to a cold bedroom and finish my book.  Every day I say I’m going to do “it” but the warmth of the stove or a recorded TV program gets in the way. I’m on a blood thinner that makes me cold, live in a basement that averages 68 degrees and never know whether it’s sunny or raining out.  I’ve become a do-nothing cave dweller.

Tomorrow is another day.  Im wearing a heart monitor at the moment and just the thought of making that statement makes me need to report a symptom.  I’m definitely going to try to finish, though.  I’ll put on my mukluks, sweater and brave the cold.  What I hoped would be a novel is quickly becoming a novella.  Seems my heroine doesn’t want to hang out in the cold either.  You see, I’m a pantser who depends on the voices in my head.  Wish me luck.




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I’m back

I’ve been on hiatus but decided that blogging is something I enjoy.  I’m currently working on finishing another western historical, Desperation’s Bride, a mail order bride who leaves a wretched stepfather’s home to gamble on a better life with a widower with two children.  Do you wonder if seventeen is too young or if my heroine is jumping into a situation for which she is totally unprepared?  I guess you’ll have to read it to find out.  I’ve gotten a great review from my sis who reads all the time, but not this genre.  Maybe you’ll share her opinion.  Look for a release soon from Books We Love.

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